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Say goodbye to the aggravation of a normal truck bed. With CargoGlide, you can stop crawling in the back of your truck or van every time you need to reach your gear. So stop scuffing your knees and hurting your back! Install a CargoGlide in your truck or van and get your gear and materials out where you need them! Loading and unloading your tools, toys or any other materials is considerably faster, safer and easier when you have a CargoGlide. CargoGlide, the best way to get your gear, materials or products from the back of a truck, van, work truck or SUV. Simply slide your gear out of the bed of your truck or van! No more unloading a bunch of stuff just to unload one hard to reach item.

CargoGlide CG1500-6548 CargoGlide CG1500  Sliding Truck Bed Tray - 1500 lb Capacity

CargoGlide CG1500-6548 CargoGlide CG1500 ..

This slide out truck bed tray has a 1500 lb capacity. 75% of the Cargo Tray length slides out. Sturd..

CargoGlide CG2200XL-6548 CG2200XL  Heavy Duty Slide out Truck Bed Tray - 1500 lb Capacity 100% Extension

CargoGlide CG2200XL-6548 CG2200XL Heavy D..

This slide out truck bed tray has a 2200 lb capacity. 100% of the Cargo Tray Length Slides Out for T..

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